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6238. It is done
My name is Jeshurun. God has awoken me in Nov 2007. I am a witness to the end of time. I have tasted...[See All]

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6237. hamas
GERALD LANDER (31-01-2016)
With the evidence at hand regarding hamas building tunnels from gaza to attack Israel, Israel has stated it will respond with greater military...[See All]

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6236. OBAMA is the biggest risk to Israel and the US
RON RELETHFORD (17-01-2016)
OBAMA is the biggest risk to Israel and the US vary little use of airpower.he is the reason for ISIS. they are...[See All]

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6235. Trump
Donald Trump is saying all the things everyone wants to hear. I do hope he is not another Ross Perot, and divide...[See All]

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6234. Breaking news of the Ark
MOSHE LEVY (14-07-2015)
People are whistleblowing on the Holy Fire ceremony, saying it''s connected with the AronhaBrit. 2 videos are viral with the same information: I...[See All]

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