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Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 1 Iyyar, 5777
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The Time Of Israel
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1stHeadlines Middle East
Debka News
iWON News
Daily News Israel
Tzemach News Service
Financial Times Middle East
The Guardian
Israel-News Today
MSNBC Middle East
The Jewish Week
Janes Middle East Military
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - News updates
The Herald Tribune
Gamla News
Israelinsider News
Ariga news about Israel and the Middle East
Israel Daily up to the minute news
Israel Internet News Agency
Israeli News Photos
The Christian Science Monitor
This Is London
IndyMedia Center
Emergency Net News
Jewish World Review
Big News Network
US Department of State - Middle East
BBC Middle East
The New York Times
UPI News
Jerusalem Post - Daily Internet edition
Washington Post Middle East
Middle East Daily
Jerusalem Report
Daily Alerts
Economist Middle East
CBS News
Canoe News
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Yesha News
Arutz Sheva Newspaper
AFP News
Save Jerusalem
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Green Screen News
World Net Daily
Palestinian Media Watch
Israeli News Agency
Israel Information Office in Scotland
Paradigm News
The Jewish Press
The Forward
News Max Israel
Yahoo Middle East News
The Marker Business news
Middle East News Online
Big News Network
Xinhuanet News
The Nando Times
Israeli Palestinian Conflict News
Jerusalem Newswire
Breitbart News
Google Israel
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Fresh News
Maariv Daily Newspaper
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Yedioth Achronot Newspaper
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Yesha News Center
Areshet News
Globes Israeli Business news
Zooloo News
Gamla News
Hazofe Virtual Newspaper
Israel Broadcast Authority News
Yesha News
Israel Online
Tapuz News
Snunit News
Nana News
Walla News
Golan News
The Marker Business News
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