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That fact should be obvious. And accordingly, we need news feeds. We need people on the ground feeding us all sorts of news items.

Now, the good news here is that you do not have to be a journalist, okay? Stop sweating bullets. Don’t think that there’s no way for you to contribute because you don’t have the right journalistic training. Calm down. It’s not about that.

If you are in any way, shape or form a big news fan and you’re always checking both Israeli and non-Israeli news sources, you are in the best position to help us with our grand objective of presenting totally unbiased Israeli news to the rest of the world.

And how can you help? Well, there are lots of unbiased resources out there. In fact, even biased sources like CNN, from time to time, will produce an unbiased story.

I know that sounds crazy, I know that sounds weird, and it’s definitely unexpected. It’s pretty much like expecting a mango tree to bear fruit to a jackfruit every once in a while. But it does happen.

So when you come across really noteworthy information using any kind of news source, fill out the form below. It’s a very short form. In fact, it just asks for the URL and does everything else. It tells us the keywords, it tells us the summary, and it gives us everything we need to know from the perspective of editors whether to include this resource in our website or not.

The only limitation we ask is that the sources you provide us with must have been around for a while. I know that there is a bias to this because this tends to favor established media entities like Fox News, Drudge Report, Washington Post, The New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, and so on and so forth. But this is a big safeguard against the common problem of people reserving a domain name that is news related.

For example, somebody would come up with “The Jerusalem Daily Observer” or “The Jerusalem Daily Herald Inquirer.” So they reserve the domain name and then they put up a cheesy looking blog and then they post all sorts of distortions and flat out lies. That’s what we’re trying to get away from because that is fake news land.

Now, keep in mind that there are a lot of people making money off Facebook because of fake news. They would come up with really sensationalist versions of stories and then they would share it in certain groups and Facebook pages and these stories start developing a life of their own. People start sharing them without thinking, a lot of people share them without even reading the materials, and these then get a lot of traffic and that’s how these websites make money.

We don’t play that game. We understand how the game works, we are very suspicious of it, and that’s why we have serious safeguards. And one of those safeguards is that if you’re going to be sharing any kind of news resource, it must come from a tried and proven, long standing source.

Now, we may not agree with that source most of the time, their bias may be easy to see, but we’d rather trust those sources in the off chance that they publish the truth than going with a completely untried and untested blog that was just put up yesterday.

Fill out the form below to contribute. Feel free to categorize it. If you don’t have time to categorize it, that’s okay. As long as the news item is important enough to you, we want to hear about it.