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Does your choice of music really impact your preferences in ejuice flavors?

For the longest time, how people choose to live their lives is actually a part of some sort of package that they have feel compelled to follow. For example, if you are into heavy metal music, you’re supposed to dress a certain way. You’re supposed to have a certain attitude regarding work, family, and you know the big issues in life. Now, I hope you can see why this is such a bad idea, because after all the whole idea of music is supposed to be personal. It shouldn’t come with some sort of pre-condition if you like heavy metal or death metal for example, this doesn’t preclude you being some sort of Wall Street banker. But for the longest time, people thought that music and lifestyle were pretty much joined at the hip and you really had no claim to be a genuine follower of a type of music if you did not live the requisite lifestyle for it.

Well thankfully, we have as a society evolved past that point, because back in the 1970’s and early 80’s, the hardcore punk movement pretty much imposed some sort of mental straight jacket to people who liked that kind of music. First of all, you are supposed to be a liberal; you are supposed to hate the state; you are supposed to not have a job; that kind of thing. What if you are conservative and you like dressing in suites but you still love yourself some Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Fear, and Suicidal Tendencies? How do you classify that person? And unfortunately, back in those days, the easy classification was that you are a poser. In other words, you’re some sort of imposter; you don’t really have any right to be there; you really have no right to that kind of music. Again, I’m so happy that we no longer think that way as a culture because it really boils down to personal preference.

So, your choice of music should really have nothing to do with your choice of ejuice flavors or vape juice online vendor. Pick a way – you’re more than entitled to like for example, bubble gum e-liquid or e-juice while listening to some reggae, or hardcore death metal. That doesn’t necessarily have to be some sort of correlation between the kind of music you like and the flavors of vaping liquids that you ingest and blow out in the air into a beautiful halo of water molecules. It really all boils down to your personal preference, it’s your call. So, don’t think that you have to listen to reggae for example if you are big into ganja type or weed type vaping flavors. It doesn’t have to follow in a very programmatic way.

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