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As news breaks in Israel, there is a growing need to enable people around the world to be informed of the news in Israel as it happens. Whether it is crisis in Lebanon, the peace talks with the Palestinians, terror attacks or the daily events in Israel, is the place you want to be for your information.

Our goal at is to keep you informed of news in Israel in the quickest most convenient way possible. So whether your interest in Israel is political, personal or just plain curiosity, is the right place for you to be.

Using links to the world's leading media and news sources such as:  the BBC Middle East, Jerusalem Post, AP, Reuters, Kol Israel, Israel Television, New York Times, and MSNBC Middle East, just to name a few, will keep you informed of the latest news in Israel.

At you get Top Story updates of news in Israel and the Middle East every 15 minutes around the clock.

Make a favorite in your web browser and you are sure to be well informed. Please tell your friends about us so that you can  get today's news TODAY and not in tomorrow's paper.

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