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As you can tell by the name of this website, we’re all about Israel and the news coming from that part of the world.


We live, breathe and love everything Israeli, and this is really the one stop information clearing house that you’ve been looking for when it comes to the Holy Land.

Oldest country

Israel is one of the world’s oldest countries. It definitely is one of the hosts of one of the world’s oldest cultures. It is also located in a part of the world where there is a lot of conflict, and this is why there is really no shortage of news coming from Israel.

The Holy Land

Now, just like with all other people coming from western countries and countries under a tremendous amount of western influence, you probably are getting very biased or slanted news regarding the Holy Land.


Read between the lines

If you, in any way, shape or form, read between the lines, it’s easy to see that Israel is often cast as the villain of any kind of international power play or current events. It’s very easy to look for the Israeli boogeyman.

Persecution Complex

We say this not because we are suffering from some sort of persecution complex or, worse yet, an inferiority complex. We say it because it’s absolutely true.

Western European treatment

In fact, if you look at the Western European treatment of any kind of conflict originating within and near the borders of Israel, it’s almost always negative. It almost always paints the Jewish state as the aggressor or the party causing all sorts of problems. There’s an almost pathological kneejerk reaction to Israel in an increasing number of countries all over the world.

Where this come from

And it’s easy to see where this comes from. We’re not going to spell it out because it should be obvious to you. But the problem is, if you are consuming regular western media, a lot of this stuff starts to sink in. A lot of this can start warping how you view Israel.


You may be the most staunch and hard core pro Israel supporter, but you may be supporting from the wrong perspective because you’ve actually drunk the Kool Aid unsuspectingly. How? You keep consuming a typical western propaganda.


And that’s really the only way to describe the news that is spread about Israel. From our analysis, there’s really not much difference between opinion pieces that are explicitly and obviously anti Israel and stuff that is being passed off as news.

No Surprise

It is no surprise that a lot of people have a big beef against fake news. Because fake news has been around for a long time, and guess who the number one victim of this weapon of distraction and manipulation has been historically? You guessed right. Israel.

It’s Israel

Make no mistake about it, whether you’re looking for the only democracy in the Middle East, or if you’re looking for a vibrant open community that doesn’t really care whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or that doesn’t really care about your religion, Israel is it. It is the most pro-western westernized country in the Middle East.

If you’re looking for everything and anything great about the Western European and North American cultural tradition, you can find it in Israel. This is the place of innovation. This is the place of open-mindedness.

And unfortunately, a lot of that is under assault because of the ironic distortion of what Israel is about and its history. A lot of this flow in one place, really, in Western Europe. And it really is quite sad.

So if you want to get unvarnished, completely objective, and truly truthful information about the Holy Land, you have to take matters into your own hands. You can’t just rely on Al Jazeera, CNN and the usual suspects. Even Fox News drops the ball enough times.

Next level

You need to take things to the next level. You really need to be proactive and take the initiative. In other words, you need to visit israelinewsnow.com so you can get the news uncut, unfiltered.


No matrix

We don’t apply any matrix here to distort information to fit some sort of agenda. Instead, we just want to tell you about what’s going on in Israel.

No weasel words

We say it straight. We don’t use weasel words. We don’t connect patterns to create some sort of intrigue. We don’t pit news stories together to create some sort of reasonable doubt or reasonable skepticism. Those are mainstream media tricks.

Don't be a victim

We see those play out again and again, and we’re sick of it. And since we are sick of those games, you can bet that we’re not going to play those games on you because we know how it is to be the victim of this manipulation.

Manufacturing consent

This is the worst form of manipulation because it’s all about manufacturing consent. That’s the bottom line. It’s all about conditioning the mind in such a way where all sorts of assumptions that you normally would not create for yourself pop up in your mind and you start basing decisions on these.

Getting upset

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but somehow, some way, you get upset about certain topics. You start analyzing certain issues a certain way. In your mind, it makes all the sense in the world.

Analytical framework

In your mind it’s smooth and rational and logical, but we beg to differ because that analytical framework that you have is imported actually from somewhere. Do you know where it came from? Do you know its agenda? Do you know where it leads to?

Hard questions

These are the hard questions we all have to ask ourselves when it comes to media because it’s too easy for some sort of idea virus to be planted in our brains and then this thing hijacks our brain’s normal operations by feeding on news.

No neutral

These are the hard questions we all have to ask ourselves when it comes to media because it’s too easy for some sort of idea virus to be planted in our brains and then this thing hijacks our brain’s normal operations by feeding on news.


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